Garbage Guts: Get's Adopted

Garbage Guts: Get's Adopted

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After Maximus adopts a puppy and names it GARBAGE GUTS, they quickly become the best of friends. But when Maximus leaves his things out they keep disappearing! Could Garbage Guts being eating ALL his toys? And what happens when it finally all comes out?

More About Garbage Guts

The book revolves around the titular character, a puppy adopted from the local animal shelter. When his new owner Max notices all his toys disappearing, it appears his new pet has insatiable appetite… which leads to an explosively funny ending for all!

For Morrissey it was a real-life incident that inspired them to write the story. They relate that “I was introducing my oldest dog, Max, to my co-workers. During the video call he threw up numerous times. Two times involved socks and another instance involved a dish sponge. Then I thought about my gym buddies who have children, and the objects that seemed to be strewn across the floor in any child’s playroom.”

The book is illustrated by Chilliwack resident Marcela Gonzalez, whose vibrant digital images bring Garbage Guts and this fantastic story to life. Garbage Guts is published through Okanagan Publishing Co (OPC). OPC founder Jadon Dick is excited for children to meet Garbage Guts. “I loved working with Morrissey on this project,” Jadon shared, “Children will fall in love with this puppy personality, the colourful illustrations… and hopefully be reminded about the importance of cleaning up their toys!” 

As a recent father themselves, Morrissey hopes that the book will inspire parents to spend time reading and connecting with their children. They mention that they “hope fathers in particular will take joy in reading to their child / children, and be a part of the educational process of their children.” A.F. Morrissey is has also developed a separate Garbage Guts screenplay, and has many more adventures for this loveable pup on the way!

About Garbage Guts Creators

Author A.F. Morrissey
Born in the UK, raised in Australia, AF Morrissey is now living his mountain dream home in the Southern Interior of BC. When he isn’t working, he can be found spending time with his family, and walking his dogs; the inspiration for the Garbage Guts franchise.

Illustrator Marcela Gonzalez
Marcela was born in Mexico City, and studied at the National School of Visual Arts there before coming to Canada ten years ago. Since moving to their new country, they have taught painting and drawing classes, worked with numerous authors on projects, and painted the mural on the Downtown Library in Chilliwack