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At Okanagan Publishing House we love books, and being a part of the creative process with authors and artists. We are a small, independent publishing company, founded in Vernon and now based out of Kelowna BC. We have a desire to showcase the Okanagan’s splendour to the world. Our focus is on local authors, and we work hard to bring to life the stories and art that our beautiful region inspires them to create. We appreciate the fact that we are a smaller company, as it enables us to work one on one with our authors, ensuring the end product of our collaboration is one of the highest quality. 

As a trade publisher, Okanagan Publishing House works exclusively with authors and artists to develop in-house projects. However, through OKPC (Okanagan Publishing Company), a distinct imprint, we also offer a variety of publishing services. We provide help to aspiring authors as they move through the whole publishing process, from design and formatting to print and promotion. From start to finish, Okanagan Publishing Company is here to help your creation be the greatest success it can be!

If you are a prospective author or artist, please submit your manuscript / portfolio to us. Our office will determine whether Okanagan Publishing House or Okanagan Publishing Company is a better fit for your project!

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