Quick Summary

  • This first book by Vernon author Michael Buffie explores themes of friendship and acceptance.
  • Elliot’s Pond encourages readers of all ages to look beyond appearances and embrace those who look or act differently from us.
  • A portion of proceeds from Elliot’s Pond go to the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation in support of the BC Children’s Hospital.


Full Release 

Vernon, BC – Okanagan Publishing Company is pleased to announce the release of the illustrated children’s title Elliot’s Pond, the first book by Vernon author Michael Buffie. The story, which follows the frog Elliot and his friends Ned, Bernard, and Florence, explores themes of friendship and acceptance. This 26-page softcover title features vibrant and colourful illustrations from Australian illustrators Sara Passarini and Aimee Parker. The motivation for this book, shares the author, was “to instill in our kids that when someone looks or acts different than yourself, it’s not bad thing or something to be scared of.”

“We are proud to release a title so relevant to our pandemic situation,” says Okanagan Publishing House founder Jadon Dick, “During this time where people are forced to interact only with their “bubble,” it is easier than ever to ignore those who seem different than us. Elliot’s Pond is a tangible reminder of the good in each person, and calls us to embrace all people, no matter what they look like on the outside.”  

Each Okanagan Publishing Company title donates a portion of book sales to charity meaningful for the book’s creators. For Michael Buffie, supporting the BC Children’s Hospital was an easy decision. “It is important to me because the staff there provide awesome care and support to our son who has Type 1 Diabetes,” the author explains, “So many children benefit from the awesome care there, so I think it is a great organization to support.” BC Children’s Hospital is the only hospital in the province devoted exclusively to the care of children, treating nearly 100,000 patients each year. To learn more and to donate please go to: www.bcchf.ca.