• Alzheimer's Wife - B. Jensen

    About Alzheimer’s Wife: A Caretaker's Journey From Endurance To Resilience When Jensen’s husband of nearly fifty years was diagnosed with Alzheimer...
  • Elliot's Pond

    Creators Author: Michael Buffie lives in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada, where he loves to tell stories to his three children. I...
  • The Simple Stress Solution

    Is stress dragging you down and interfering with your life and relationships? Are you feeling like you’re stuck and desperate for a way to get out of the ‘stress swamp?’ In the new book from Stress Center Books you will  find out that you are not alone – and yes, there is a way out!
  • Sky & Carey: The Fantastic Fort

    Sky and Carey are looking forward to a fun-filled stay at Aunt Joy’s house. But when Sky and Carey suddenly find themselves lost, they discover just how brave and caring they can be together!
  • The Doubt Booger

    Too often our thoughts and fears keep us from achieving our dreams and being all that we can be. In an entertaining way that is sure to capture the attention and imagination of children, author Beth McCarthy Marks addresses this issue. 
  • How Perfectly You! (And Peabody Too!)

    The first book by Vernon author Beth McCarthy Marks, How Perfectly You! (And Peabody Too!) is a children’s book with a important message. It speaks to every child’s need for acceptance, and tells that in the same way we are all different, there are many ways to be special and smart.